Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Late Start on 2010

Sorry for the lackadaisical attitude toward 'blogging' to start off the year...the bottom line is i have not felt like i had anything useful to add to all the 'useless' bytes and megabytes floating around cyberspace.

So, for the two of you who read this (yes, Mom, that includes you!), here are my 2010 thoughts as we greet February head-on...

First off, my 13-yr old daughter loves to call me "old" and "behind the times". She is usually right. Case and point- i watched 'Modern Family' for the first time last night (it was the pilot episode) and fell out of my chair. I am not kidding, if you have not watched this show, drop EVERYTHING that you are doing right now, and go to hulu.com and check it out. Worth dedicating 21 minutes of your life to- seriously.

Second, while on HULU, i decided to check out an SNL clip a friend had recommended. The 'MacGruber' skit with Charles Barkeley. Another instant classic. Sir Charles gets the Emmy for not cracking up the whole time...

There must be some NBC/Universal pixie dust in the air today- so i'm going to stay with that theme...

i'll be starting my Vancouver Olympics assignment in 10 days...manning the 'desk' as the news anchor for NBC's Universal Sports throughout the Games. Should be fun. BEST part is that i get to cover all the winter action without being in WINTER.

The studio is based in Westlake Village, CA, which means i'll be sleeping in my own bed every night. BAM! Hopefully getting some quality riding in before or after work each day.

Speaking of winter...it was tough to watch Daron Rhalves go down at Winter X the other day. He was one of the main reasons i was going to tune in to watch Skier X at the upcoming Winter Olympics. Both he and Casey Puckett, in perfect health, would give the U.S. an incredible 1-2 punch. TOUGH is the word i'd use to describe Shaun White after seeing him 'take it on the chin' in the halfpipe during training, then come back and NAIL the jump to win another X Games Gold.

The kid is a freak. If you've never been at the top of one of the sides of the halfpipe, you have no conception of how high, or fast, these guys go. Like any great athlete, they make it look so easy.
If he doesn't win GOLD, again, in Vancouver, there are going to be a lot of people 'eating their hats' and 'losing their lunches'. L-O-C-K.

Hopefully the year has started off well wherever you are. I can't say i'm a big fan of the cooler temps, but out here in Cali, we rarely have to deal, so it's only my travel time, and weekends where i'm affected. And each weekend in JAN, the PBR lived up to its usual hype of bumps, bruises, and big time bulls. FEB looks for more of the same.

If you're a fan of the cowboys, get down to Dallas on Feb 20th. Cowboy Stadium. $260,000 to the winner. One night only. Going to be HUGE. I won't be in attendance due to my Olympic commitments, but i wish i was there, and i'll be paying attention to who claims the prize.

Enjoy your days, weeks, and months ahead. And enjoy every moment along the way.