Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Armstong Angst

I, like most cycling fans, was incredibly dismayed to see how Stage 8 unfolded for Lance. As a commentator, i'm never supposed to be a cheerleader, only an objective 'observer', but Lance's story has always been larger than life, so when his quest to win #8 came to an end on Sunday, it was just that much harder to accept. If you have not seen the 'other' video of his "2nd" crash (the one at close to 40mph), go find it online. It was shot by a French fan, and is from a completely different angle than French television's.

Lance not only crashed, he crashed HARD. And this fall absolutely affected how he was able to perform the rest of the stage. As we said in our commentary, you don't get a jersey that looked like his without hitting the deck at 'speed', but to see it is to almost feel the scrapping as he slid out of frame.

It will be interesting to see how he recuperates, and what he can do in the remaining days. Stage win? Levi lieutenant? Millions of fans await the answer.

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