Saturday, July 3, 2010

FInal Thoughts- Prologue

Another year, but not just another Tour. Lance's Last Stand. It's going to make for a memorable three weeks. Stay tuned...just like last year, i'm going to do my best to give you a 'review/preview' of each day...hope you are some thoughts after yesterday's quick, but clearly meaningful, first five miles of the 2010 "Grand Boucle"...

In the start house today, the time for talk was over. It was up to each man's legs to provide the answers, and Fabian Cancellara's sent a statement! For the 4th time in his career, Cancellara wins on the 1st day of the Tour de France. Now, the question long will he wear YELLOW?

As for the duel between Armstrong and Contador, the prologue lived up to the hype...and if today's any indication, we're in for a "Battle Royale" over the next three weeks.

First Blood has been drawn by Lance. The greatest Tour rider of all time has sent a message to the peloton- his farewell will not be a leisurely stroll through the countryside, he is ready to fight every inch of the way.

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