Sunday, July 18, 2010

Final Thoughts- Stage 14

The Pyrenees are this year's proving ground. Not only for men to justify why they are here, but for 'super' men to show why THEY deserve to be called 'champions'.

It seems fitting that a Frenchman would win from a breakaway to mark the 100th anniversary of these mountains in the Tour. But behind Christophe Riblon today, the heavyweight title fight looked more like a game of Cat-and-Mouse.

Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck renewed their rivalry on both climbs, it was Contador who attacked most often...Schleck always had an answer. Towards the finish, they only had eyes for each other as they marked move after move, losing any chance of winning the stage, but more intent on NOT losing time to their rival.

We promised you a four-course feast here in the Pyrenees, and the appetizer was worthy of any gourmet cycling celebration. By the time we get to dessert, not just the riders, but also the fans, may have run out of energy.

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