Thursday, July 22, 2010

Final Thoughts- Stage 17

Eye to Eye. Heart to Heart. Mano a Mano. What a way to pay homage to the mountain that is the Tourmalet. As predicted, Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador were locked in their duel, and are now linked for the ages by their desire.

The scorecard will show a Schleck victory, but it won't bear witness, or do justice, to the magnificent final fight through the mist. This high altitude pass has provided angst and aggression for 100 years, the latest chapter as pivotal for a podium position as we've ever seen. Contador keeps the 'maillot jaune', and should start last in the time trial on Saturday. He proved yet again, Grand Tour climbing is his domain, and his reign could continue for quite awhile.

Behind the Dynamic Duo, Chris Horner's excellence was like a beacon in the fog. Having worked for almost three weeks for Lance and Levi, the Team Radio Shack rider climbed for himself- proving his talent yet again.

The Tour waves good-bye to the Tourmalet and the mountains for another year. What a spectacle we've all witnessed.

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