Sunday, July 25, 2010

Final Thoughts- Stage 20

Once again the famed Champs-Elysee greeted the peloton, but more importantly, the 'Gang Going for Green'. And once again, Mark Cavendish made it look like HE was the PRO, and the others should be racing 'REC league'. To beat the best sprinters in the world 15 times over the past 3 years is one thing- to do it by boatloads of bike lengths, puts a whole new dimension on 'domination'.

We'll all have to wait another year to find out if Farrar or Boonen's best can rearrange the cosmos, but for the foreseeable future, when it comes to speed, it's Cav's World. Everyone else is merely along for the ride.

Alberto Contador confirmed his 3rd 'yellow' in as many tries. It remains to be seen whether the Spaniard will soar to higher heights as easily as we once thought, and become the undisputed General of his generation, or whether his duel with Andy Schleck will give Tour fans a Titanic tussle worthy of the legendary rivals of the sport.

21 days. Countless memories along the way. History records the winners, but rarely does it ever do justice to the sacrifice. The Tour has prospered for many reasons, least not of which is, for 198 men a month ago, the 'road' may have been mapped out, but no one ever truly knew where that would lead them. At the Tour, and in life, it's the JOURNEY that is awe-inspiring, and why it's all worthwhile.


  1. Thanks for the great show Craig. I am already having TDF withdrawal symptoms.

  2. Craig, your eloquent and humorous commentating of the TdF has added an invaluable dimension to the Phil-Paul-Bob show, to which I was addicted pedal stroke by pedal stroke. Adieu TdF 2010 -- see you next year! (I, too, am experiencing my annual withdrawal symptoms). Dr. D. from NY

  3. Same with me, guys: TDF Withdrawal!

    All day, I kept being aware of something I was excited about...but alas, I did NOT have the day's stage on my DVR to watch in the evening. This is my 25th year of watching/following the TDF & I saw every bit of every broadcast this year.

    BTW, in case you don't know (but I'm sure that you do if you've followed this event for some time), do not tell your friends that you watched 3-5 hours of guys peddling bicycles on TV...they'll think you're either crazy or lying!

    Viva le Tour!!!

  4. My husband and I enjoyed so very much the commentators - Craig, Bob, Paul and Phil, and also the others who did numerous interviews. We, too, have watched for many years and when watching the TDF it is like having our old friends back in the house.
    Thank you Craig, for making the TDF so very, very enjoyable and I, too, am going through the withdrawal symptoms. Every year when the TDF is over it takes a while to get past missing it, but the memories are wonderful and sustain us through to the next year! Thanks again to Craig, Bob, Paul and Phil for a great experience again, and to ALL the cyclists - they are truly awesome and deserve so much respect and credit for all they do.